Thursday, October 09, 2014

Thursday Thankfulness

 I have so very much that I am thankful for but, it's I'll keep this list short.

  1. I am thankful for Camille who still likes to include me in her life and lets me hang out with her and her friends.
  2. I am thankful for Cade and his ability to tease with me.  But, I still will not let him sit on my couch while he is naked.
  3. That both of my kids love to say I love you and tell me every day.
  4. A savings account
  5. A new adventure
  6. Airplanes.  I would not have been a good covered wagon passenger.  Seriously, they would have left me behind with the first armoire.
  7. Doggy doors
  8. Early birthday gifts
  9. 51
  10. October
  11. Creamer
  12. Clean panties
  13. Foam roller core.  OMG...seriously, have you tried one?  You MUST!!
  14. Photos
  15. You
 And so...what about you?  What are the little things that make your heart go aaaahhhhhhh?

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Lions and Boys and Deer Oh My!

Over the summer, the boys and I took a trip to Clarendon.  I took them there in order to meet up with their other grandmother, Grams, to go camping.  If you have ever traveled with littles, you know that there is never a dull moment.

We all go out the front door and Joey yells *Front seat!*.  He is the only one old enough to ride in the front seat so front seat it is!  Jarrod and Vinny call backseat.  Well...since there is only 2 of you left YES you MAY ride in the back seat.  We all buckle up.  Joey falls asleep before we are out of the drive and we are OFF!

Everything is going good and the do not touch your brother is at a minimum.

We start the descent through the back side of Palo Duro Canyon going about 50mph and that is where I made my mistake.  I KNEW I was making it the moment I opened my mouth.  My brain was slowly saying in its best bionic man slow motion nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooo but, my mouth, it just kept talking.

Me:  *Look guys!  Look at that deer.*  I pointed to the dear as we drove past it.

Now I have been the mother of littles.  I learned a long time ago that you either 1) do NOT point things out when driving in a car or 2) point things out about 6 miles ahead of time, slow down to 4 miles an hour and say there...there...look right over there where my finger is pointing no stop that look there just forget it. 

Both boys crane their necks looking out the windows of the OPPOSITE SIDE from the direction that I was pointing. 

Joey's head is still rolling around from side to side snoring.  He is only upright because of his seat belt.  He missed the whole thing but he did not care.  If he HAD been awake, the next 27 miles would have been filled with fun facts about how deer 1) are a part of the cervidae family  2) have hoofs with ever numbers of toes and 3) are the only animals with antlers and antlers are the fastest growing living tissue.  I love all my grands but Joey is the one I will use as my phone a friend if I ever get picked for Who Wants To Be a Millionaire. 

The two in the back:   *I don't see a deer!*

Me:  *You should have looked faster and in the direction that I was pointing.*

Vinny:  *Why can't I see a deer?  Turn around!*

Me:  *Momdy can't.  Sorry the deer is gone.*

Vinny:  *aaahhh man.*

Jarrod:  *I don't think that there was really a deer.*

Me:  *Dude, there was too a deer!*

Jarrod:  *Just because you SAID that there was a deer doesn't mean that there was one.*  I look back into my rear view to see him grinning.

Vinny:  *Oh man....~sighs~  I have always wanted to see a deer.*

We drive on a few more miles and then Jarrod looks at the window and screeches


Vinny:  *Where?  Where?  I want to see the mountain lion!*

Jarrod pointing frantically at NOTHING *Over there over there look quick!  Slow down Momdy*

Vinny:  *SLOW DOWN MOMDY!  I have ALWAYS wanted to see a mountain lion my whole entire life!*

Jarrod:  *It's gone.  She's driving too fast.*

Vinny ~wailing loudly~ * I never get to see mountain lions!! That is ALL I have wanted to do for my entire life!  I never get to!*


Me:  *Vinny, there is no mountain lion.  Jarrod is teasing you.  Jarrod stop that.*

Jarrod is smiling really big in the back seat.

I see a wild pig.  I say nothing.

I see another deer.  I say nothing.

I could have seen Big Foot at that point and I would not have said a word.

We go miles in silence.  Blessed sweet peaceful silence.

Jarrod:  *Did I ever tell you about the time that I petted a mountain lion?*

Vinny in a frenzy:  *WHERE WAS I?  WHERE WAS I?  My whole entire life all I have ever wanted to do was pet a mountain lion!!  Why do you get to have all the fun?  Why did you get to and I didn't?  Why? That is all I have ever wanted to a mountain lion!* 

Jarrod:  *We just left you at home and went and petted it.  I think I see one over....*

Me catching Jarrod's eyes in the rear view *DON'T.YOU.DARE.*  He just smiles his sweet smile.


......Momdy has never petted a mountain lion either

Monday, October 06, 2014


This is my favorite picture of my daddy and I.   He has been heavy on my mind lately.  I've had two dreams where he made cameo appearances.  Both times he was doing something for me.  LOL Of course he was, like he always did.  He loved me fiercely and without strings.  When I get sad about his death, it is because I know that no one will ever love me again like he did.  Then, it makes me very happy to know one will ever love me again like he did.  No one.  
  I would not trade places with anyone. lucky duck indeed.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Pinterest Sunday--Aloha Bread

Pinterest is one of my biggest addictions and internet time sucks.  Oh, I do so love my pinterest.  As of right now, I have 60 public boards and 2 private one.  

LOL....yes Siree Bob I do.

I have a tendency to pin and pin and pin.  My boards grow and grow and grow.  Yikes!

I am trying to weed some things out.  So, every Sunday I am going to try to do one thing that I have pinned.  I'll either keep it or delete it!

I started with Aloha Bread.  I found the recipe over at Lovefoodies

1 Package Yeast
1/4 C Warm Water
2 Eggs
1/2 Pineapple Juice
1/3 C White Sugar
1/2 tsp Vanilla
1/4 C Butter melted  (real butter...always real butter)
4 C Flour
1/4 tsp salt

In a small bowl, dissolve yeast in your warm water.  Let is sit for several minutes until it is bubbly.  If it does not bubble, your yeast is no good.  (This is where I veer from the recipe.  When I proof yeast, I always add at least 1 Tbl of sugar.  The yeast will eat the sugar and really do so much better.  The additional tablespoon of water is not included in the recipe.)

In your mixer bowl, beat the yeast mixture, eggs, pineapple juice, 1/4 C water, sugar, vanilla and melted butter (mine was not melted but mixed up just fine.) When mixed, gradually add in your salt and flour.  Mix slowly and let it all incorporate.    I change my beater to the dough hook and let it run for several minutes until your dough is pretty and soft.  You can choose to knead it by hand if you want.  I just wanted to avoid the mess.  :)

Cover and let stand for an hour.  Oh my, I have a thing for pretty yeasty dough....
Punch the air out of your dough and divide it in half.  Keep dividing until you have 16 pieces.  Butter your pans and plop your rolls in.  (plop is a total technical term)   Let rise again for an hour.

Bake for 15-20 minutes.  (mine took 20)  Brush with melted butter when you take them out.

 I got the idea that these were going to taste like Hawaiian Bread.  I guess I thought that because of the name and the pineapple juice.  They didn't straight out of the oven.  Cause...I might have slathered them in butter and ate some while they were still hot.  Like smoking.

I tried them again when cool.  (Well of course I did!)  They were actually better cold.  They are very soft and slightly sweet.  The recipe is a keeper.  It is also a really good bread recipe for someone who has never made bread!  It comes together really well without too much fuss or muss. I have butter on my chin?

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Great Things Come In Pairs

 So, we return to find our heroine on the phone in her office with her PA....and looking pretty damned cute I might add....

  The PA was so sweet to me.  She told me that two things concerned her.  First was that the mass did not show up on the mammogram.  Secondly, she normally gets results in 24 hours.  These results were sent to her within 45 minutes.  She told me that the decision was hers.  She also told me that, if I was her sister, she would tell me to get a biopsy.  She asked if I wanted her to make me an appointment with a surgeon.  The appointment was one week from that day.


In the meantime, I had things to do.  One of those things was to get my mom back and forth to have cataracts removed.  My mom is a worrier (there should really be a bigger word to describe that) and I knew it would cause her problems so, I kept it on the down low and only told a few people.

On September 15, the nurse explained to me what would happen.  A sonogram would be done.  Then he would decide on if anything needed to be done, a needle biopsy or a core biopsy would be done.  She then explained how both of those procedures would be done if I had to have it.  I loved that she wanted me to be informed before hand.  She told me that it would take at least a week to have results.  Well,  I have always been a lucky girl so....... guess who got to have the core biopsy?!?!?! 


The sweet sweet nurse draped my breast and washed it with betadine.  I laughed and told her it looked like a really bad spray tan.   She then moved to my non-lump side and it all began.

Doc numbed the area with a shot and then took what looked like one of those guns used to pierce your ears and started.  It had a needle that is that is several inches long.  He inserted it several times and took about 8 samples. 

And you know what, it was the most interesting thing EVER!!!  I got to watch the whole thing.  He would insert it and it made a loud POP and he would take out a sample.  It was so very cool!

Then all of the samples were put into a little jar and labeled. He then told the nurse to make me an appointment in two days.  She looked at him....then looked at me....she said but...  Two days? He nodded yes.  Then he looked at me and said "Well, this is big but try not to worry too much.*  I totally could have done without that last sentence.

The next day, my left breast looked like it had been the airbag in a really bad collision.  I have never seen more vivid greens, purples and yellows.  I was so impressed that I wanted to show everyone!!  However, I refrained.  Well, I might have shown a few.  ~winks~

I even thought about posting a censored picture here.  I didn't.  You are welcome.

Two days later, I am sitting in the same room again.  He came in fumbling with my file and sits down.  Then a male nurse comes in and stands by the door like I might bolt and run.  The surgeon looks at my paperwork and then looks at me.  He says "Good news.  You have a large fat necrosis.  They normally occur when there is an injury to the breast.  It does not have to come out but they some times become painful and I would suggest that you have it removed."

Do you know what a fat necrosis is???  DEAD FAT.  Well, OF COURSE THAT IS WHAT I HAVE!!

So, I am very thankful that I do not have breast cancer.  I'll take the lump of dead fat over cancer any day.  I will be scheduling an appointment to have it removed.

Please....PLEASE do not hesitate to have a mammogram.  Many cities offer free or low cost ones.  If you don't know where to start, call your doctor.   I do not even have to pay a co-pay with my insurance when I get one.  If you do not have insurance, a doctor or don't know where to go, the Susan B Komen Foundation can help you with that.  If you need me to come hold your hand, I will be happy to...either physically or virtually.

Even though it IS squishy, your girls will be happy that you did.

.....dead fat....sheesh

Friday, October 03, 2014

Let's Talk About My Boobs

 Well, I see that got your attention.  

October is breast cancer awareness month.  I am a firm believer (~snickers~  firm...get it?) in checking your breast at least once a month.  Don't know how to do that?  You can check that out HERE and HERE.  Seriously, you need to do that.  Don't leave it up to your partner.  Do it.  

Along with checking your breast, you need to have REGULAR mammograms.   I know...I know....You have heard all of the horror stories about how much it hurts and how awful it is.

Trust isn't.  

When you are built like a healthy Russian peasant woman and you have a grandmother that had breast cancer, it is VERY important to do both.  

I began having mammograms when I turned 40 years old.  At the VERY FIRST ONE, they found a lump in my left breast.  Within a week I was in surgery having it removed.  It was the size of a hen's egg and benign.    Thank the little sweet baby Jesus!!

So here I my life....getting my boobs smashed yearly....feeling myself up at least once a month (hubba hubba) when it happened.

I found a lump.

On Thursday, September 4 2014, I found what I had been looking for and never ever wanted to find.  The MINUTE it happened, I jerked my hand away and whispered a prayer.  Then, I touched myself again.


There was a lump at the top of my left breast and I could feel it with no pressure.  Plus, the skin on top of it was red.  I managed to get out of the shower and get ready for work.  At 8:30, I called and scheduled a mammogram and told them what I had found. They could not get me in until the following Tuesday.  I thanked them and hung up kind of stunned.  I don't know what I was thinking but I guess I thought that they would roll out the red carpet and hurry me in.  I called my Physicians Assistant (who I LOVE dearly!!) and left a message for her.  She called me back and got me in for that Monday.

I love my mammogram tech.  Truly.  She has been the one to squish my boobs for all these years.  Every year she tells me *This should NEVER EVER hurt.  You tell me if it does and I'll stop and readjust. *  And I know she means that.  I mean, come one now, we all know it won't be comfortable.  This is not something every woman says *Heck YEAH!  Sign me UP!*  I know so many women who refuse to get checked because they think it will hurt.  Well, let me tell you this....I have never HAD cancer but, I know it would hurt.  If you can do something to stay ahead of the game then, do it.  If it does hurt, speak up.  If they do not listen to you, go somewhere else next time.  The point it.

 I told me tech what I had found and she was reassuring. She took her films and then suggested that I not get dressed in case we had to do a sonogram.  Then she left me alone in that room  in that LOVELY would not fit any woman that I know open in the front paper gown for about eleventy-seven thousand seconds.  She came back in and said....there is NOTHING at all showing up.  I offered up my left breast and said *here*.  She barely touched my breast and felt it.  She then told me that she would move me to the next room immediately for the sonogram.

The sonogram started and it was immediately found.  They sonogramed the HECK out of my left breast.  And he said....nothing.  He told  me to get dressed and to come talk to him in his office.  I quietly did as I was told.  In his office, there was BIG PICS of both of my boobs already up.  It really was fascinating!!  He showed me everything.  He circles spots and compared them to last years films.  Then he told me that he would not worry about it at all.  His suggestion was that I come back in 6 months.  At that time I could wear that sexy paper gown again and we could play the hungry hungry hippo game again.

You know what?  That is EXACTLY what I wanted to here.  I wanted to hear no biggie!!  Let's do nothing!!  I was okay with that.  I quickly picked up my purse and got myself out of of there before he changed his mind.

So back to work I go.  Sitting there minding my own business when, who should call me not 40 minutes later?!?!?  My Physicians Assistant.  I answered thinking that she was going to congratulate me and my boob.  

She didn't.

....I have 2 boobs so you get this in 2 parts.  ~winks~